OFM Computer World requests YouTube to make Team Eternity’s ‘Defe Defe’ private amid copyright dispute

Defe Defe by Team Eternity Ghana vs Kwame Micky
Defe Defe by Team Eternity Ghana vs Kwame Micky

In a significant development in the ongoing copyright dispute between prominent Ghanaian music producer Kwame Mickey and the musical group Team Eternity, OFM Computer World has formally requested YouTube to make Team Eternity’s version of the song “Defe Defe” private.

This move comes as part of a broader effort by OFM Computer World, acting on behalf of Kwame Mickey, to address alleged copyright infringement.

The controversy revolves around claims that Team Eternity illegally manipulated and edited the original track “Defe Defe,” released 20 years ago by Hallelujah Voices, without securing the necessary permissions from the copyright holders.

A formal legal notice served to Team Eternity Ghana by OFM Computer World and Debrich Group of Companies, a multinational entity with operations in Ghana, Nigeria, and Europe, outlines these allegations.

According to the letter, Team Eternity’s unauthorized use of the track constitutes a clear case of copyright infringement. Debrich Group’s analyst emphasizes that the unauthorized editing and use of the original track violate copyright laws and fail to meet legal standards for music sampling.

In response to these allegations, OFM Computer World has requested YouTube to remove Team Eternity’s video to prevent further unauthorized use and public exposure.

This request, if granted, would make the video private, thereby limiting its accessibility while the dispute is resolved.

The legal notice, signed under penalty of perjury by a representative of Debrich Group, includes a link to the original “Defe Defe” track by Hallelujah Voices.

This allows recipients to compare the two versions and understand the basis of the infringement claim.

The letter also signals Debrich Group’s willingness to pursue legal action in the courts of Accra, Ghana, if an amicable resolution is not reached.

OFM Computer Worl, Team Eternity Ghana, Defe Defe

OFM Computer Worl, Team Eternity Ghana, Defe Defe
OFM Computer World, Team Eternity Ghana, Defe Defe


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