Let your lifestyle reflect your preaching – Rev Eastwood Anaba to Pastors

Rev Eastwood Anaba to Pastors
Rev Eastwood Anaba to Pastors

Rev Eastwood Anaba, the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) says Pastors must live lifestyles that reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ which they preach to their congregations.

He said if the lifestyles of Pastors contradicted the messages they preached, they had no business with the holy pulpit and altar of God, saying “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and that word was God.”

Likewise, he said Pastors must be the messages they preach, “So your message must be you, and you must be your message. Christianity is in crisis because many Pastors are preaching what they are not.”

Reverend Anaba, who is also the Founder of Fountain Gate Chapel (FGC), said this in a sermon at the Church’s 31 days programme, which began on January 1, on the theme; “Reposition”, held at Desert Pastures, a branch of FGC in Bolgatanga, capital of the Upper East Region.

The programme, which is the maiden event of the Church in 2022, brought together members of FGC for “repentance, revival, and restoration to reposition” them for a “new experience” in 2022.

Reverend Anaba told his congregation including Pastors of the Church that “Preparing a sermon does not give you the opportunity to preach, being a sermon is what allows you to preach.

“When you prepare the sermon and what you say is who you are, that is the time you qualify to preach,” noting that Pastors who indulged in fornication and adultery had no right to talk about holiness.

The Cleric emphasized that some Pastors were “Preaching messages that they not. Nevertheless, the foundation of God stands sure. The Lord knows them that are His, and let every man who mentions the name of Christ, depart from iniquity.”

He prayed that God would touch the lives of Pastors to preach His true gospel, live their lifestyles according to their sermons, and be role models to their congregation and members of the public.

“I pray in the name of Jesus; may God touch your life as a man and a woman of God. I see you take responsibility and say God can trust me,” the EAM President said.


Credit: GNA


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